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"Homem-Bateria C" e "Homem-Bateria AA" na arte de "Reciclar Baterias".

"Batteryman" ("Homem-Bateria" em português) é o primeiro arquétipo de monstros do Tipo Trovão. Geralmente, decks "Batteryman" são focados em OTK.

Estilo de Jogo

Eles possuem duas grandes estratégias para se duelar:

A primeira é invocar três Batteryman AA, cada um com 3000 de ATK, e detone seu oponente com três ataques diretos. Uma vez que você conseguiu por os três no campo, use a Magia Short Circuit para destruir os cards do seu oponente e deixar o campo livre para os ataques. Para invocar os três monstros, podemos usar o combo de Battery Charger e Inferno Reckless Summon.

A segunda estratégia é invocar o poderoso Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon (oferecendo 1 monstro como Tributo), que pode ficar com 3400 de ATK, ou infligir Danos de Batalha no inimigo em Posição de Defesa, ou ser imune a Magias e Armadilhas.

Cards Recomendados

Nome do card Razão
Batteryman 9-Volt The searcher of the archetype. Can search "AAA" to make plays during your next turn, or "Industrial Strength" and "Fuel Cell", to Special Summon immediately. Also activates when used with "Portable Battery Pack" and "Battery Charger".
Batteryman AAA Allows you easier access to Batteryman Fuel Cell & Short Circuit. Can also be used as Xyz Material to easily summon Rank 4's.
Batteryman AA Can be used with Inferno Reckless Summon to bring out all 3 at once. This works well with Short Circuit.
Batteryman D With 1900 DEF, and an effect which causes it to be the only attack target, Batteryman D is a good choice. However, it can be replaced with Batteryman 9V as Batteryman 9V has 2000 DEF and ATK when summoned.
Batteryman Charger With a single tribute, it searches out a Batteryman monster from the deck. Batteryman 9V, AA, or even Batteryman Fuel Cell can be easily summoned through Charger.
Batteryman Industrial Strength One of the biggest monsters in the deck, with a spell/trap clearing ability to boot, as well as being level 8, allowing it to be used with Trade-In.
Batteryman Micro-Cell Gives easy search power for most cards in the deck, and if destroyed by battle also gives a draw, for +1. If it searches out Batteryman 9V it becomes a +2.
Batteryman Fuel Cell With an easy summoning condition, and an effect which can get over destruction immunity, Fuel-Cell is a key-card in most builds.
Honest One of the best tech cards in the game, allowing any of your monster to take on any other monster in battle, and win, can be used for a finishing move, or for defending offensively. Can also be used for mind games to prevent foe from attacking.
Morphtronic Magnen This card used in combination with Batteryman D can create a lock.
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon A big monster with decent effects for a single tribute.
Wattfox A level 2 tuner allowing you to get out level 5 and 6 sycnhros with relative ease. Along with this, if your opponent destroys this monster they are locked down for the rest of the turn making them not want to attack in the first place.
Shining Angel Can search many cards in the deck.
Mahunder/Pahunder The Hunders are very useful, and make XYZs easy to make. Batteryman 9V destroys himself during the end phase anyway, so the Hunders make that cost meaningless.
Thunder Seahorse Searches out Batteryman AAA, itself or any other Level 4 LIGHT Thunder-Type monsters with 1600 or less ATK.
Deck Adicional
Light End Dragon A large monster with an effect to beat any monster with attack up to 1000 higher, may be worth running if you have the tuners for it.
Ancient Sacred Wyvern A powerful level 7 synchro which can go well with "Wattcine" in order to gain the life points needed to have an

incredibly high attack beater.

Wattchimera Easy to summon level 6 synchro. Can attack directly for a quick beatdown and lock an opponents' draws with his effect.
Watthydra It can attack directly, and it's Gold Sarcophagus-like effect whenever it does so can be a valuable asset. Combined with cards like Solidarity and Wattcube, it can get very big, very fast.
Leviair the Sea Dragon Easily summoned by using two Batteryman AA to return 1 of your banished Batteryman through Batteryman Industrial Strength.
Number 39: Utopia Not only does it have high ATK but it can also be used to briefly stall the opponent, easily summoned by using two Batteryman AAA.
Photon Strike Bounzer Can be easily summoned by using two Batteryman Fuel Cell.
Starliege Paladynamo Can be made with 2 Batteryman AAA and can get around many monsters with its effect, and when it's destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you get to draw 1 card.
Constellar Omega Can be made with 2 Batteryman AAA and can give you a good 2400 ATK monster that is unaffected by Spells and Traps.
Battery Charger Similar to Monster Reborn, is able to revive any Batteryman from grave for 500 Life Points, to set up for Short Circuit.
Inferno Reckless Summon A key card in any deck based around Short Circuit, simply special summon a single AA, play this card, followed by Short Circuit to attack for game.
Makiu, the Magical Mist Can be used with most Batterymen to clear the field in part, due to the oft low DEF of most monsters there would be difficulty with.
Recycling Batteries Can be used to get back most of the smaller monsters such as AA's (damage) D's (stall) or AAA's (summon 2). Also, unlike Quick Charger, you can grab Wattfoxes with this (if you're running them.)
Quick Charger Similar to Recycling Batteries, and has (mostly) the same targets.
Short Circuit THE key card in Batteryman, able to wipe the field with little effort, and when combined with AA's, or other monsters such as Fuel Cell, often leads to an OTK.
Wattcube An equip spell either for a minor attack boost, or for a permanent boost of 1000 for one Thunder monster.
Solidarity If the deck is entirely Thunder monsters, this provides a constant strong attack boost.
Burial from a Different Dimension Can be used to return & refill the graveyard for use with Batteryman Industrial Strength.
Hand Destruction Can be used to send & draw, with the sent monsters retrievable with Quick Charger / Battery Charger.
Wattcine Good for increasing your life points after using cards like Return from the Different Dimension as well as increasing the power of your Ancient Sacred Wyvern.
Photon Lead Can be used to special summon AA to set it up for Inferno Reckless Summoning
Beckoning Light Allows you to add multiple Batterymen back to hand, such as 3 Industrial Strength to swarm & attack with, or to return Honest to hand when your opponent declares an attack.
Judgment of Thunder An easy to meet condition, on a 1 for 1 destruction card
Portable Battery Pack Call of the Haunted for 2 monsters, with no restriction on level or attack, what's not to like, can revive AA's, Fuel Cell's for best effect.
Return from the Different Dimension Another very easy set-up for a late-game OTK, after Industrial Strength has removed a few targets, Return them back, Short Circuit to wipe opponent's field, swing with several strong monsters.(AA, Charger, Fuel Cell recommended)
Limit Reverse Revives many of the small monsters from grave, and like many others, allows use of Inferno Reckless Summon on AA.
Trap Stun Allows a negation free turn in which to use Short Circuit.
Lumenize Acts as a substitute for Honest.
Wattcannon Deals 600 direct damage when a level 4 or lower Thunder-Type monster is summoned on your side of the field.





Batteryman Origem
Batteryman D D Battery
Batteryman C C Battery
Batteryman AA AA Battery
Batteryman AAA AAA Battery
Batteryman 9-Volt Nine-Volt Battery
Batteryman Charger Battery Charger
Batteryman Micro-Cell Button Cell
Batteryman Fuel Cell Fuel Cell
Batteryman Industrial Strength Automotive Battery